"Live large. Don’t live by the constraints of the past, your culture, your fears. We are in a historical moment where our generation is going to determine the future of the human race." - Jim Garrison
I am committed to fully unleashing the power of women through which our humanity will evolve to the next level of consciousness. I am committed to contributing to the conscious evolution of human consciousness. 
Transformation of humanity through the aligned power of extraordinary women.
The time has come for a quantum leap in evolutionary consciousness and I believe that women have a fundamental role to play in this.
My sister
I am an evolutionary coach and the COO at the Global Institute of Extraordinary Women (GIFEW). I graduated from Law School with a doctorate degree in Law following practicing commercial law for several years. In 2013, I joined GIFEW where I am developing female change makers to be the catalysts of societal transformation. 
My passion for transformational education and a deep care for society are my key drivers in life.  
My sister Bea has always been my biggest role model, friend, supporter and advocate. I admire her dedication, wisdom, drive and love for people. She always keeps me on the right path even when I want to veer off. My life wouldn't be the same without her love, guidance and wisdom. 
GIFEW was at first Bea’s vision and creation and since we’ve been working together for over 5 years, it has become my life’s mission. At GIFEW our mission is to transform the world through the aligned power of extraordinary women. 
How do we do that? It starts by facilitating multi sensory transformational education for women change makers and the process evolves by growing and nurturing the transformational field - the Constellation of Extraordinary Women. 

 Once a women is clear on her purpose, passion, and talents, she “clicks” into her rightful place in the Constellation aligned with other women by geography and the societal sector that she wants to make a difference in. At GIFEW, we provide the education and hold the space for women change makers to transform the world. Together we are creating the world we want for future generations.
"Women are going to form a chain, a greater sisterhood than the world has ever known." Nellie L. McClung
Andrea Tittelova and Katherine Longhi are my soul sisters! We share our lives, dreams, vision and legacy with each other. We are FUN, PURPOSE, JOY AND MAKING DIFFERENCE - FOR EVER 
I feel blessed for the constellation of extraordinary women I am part of. I firmly believe in sisterhood, It will transform the world.
We are living in a time like no other. For humanity to transform to its next stage of evolution, we require the divine feminine working in partnership with the divine masculine. In 2009, the Dalai Lama astounded the world by declaring that “The world will be saved by the western woman.” 
Since then, a lot of people like me agree with him. Furthermore there is a Cherokee prophecy which reveals that there will be a time when the Bird of Humanity realizes it has been flying with just one wing. The male wing getting almost violent trying to keep humanity afloat. But when the other wing, the female wing, expresses itself, the male wing can relax and the Bird of Humanity will soar.
The time has come for a quantum leap in evolutionary consciousness and I believe that women have a fundamental role to play in this.
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